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Founding Shareholders,Welcome

"Well that was one hell of a ride, since the day of the lightning strike on our old brewery it has been nothing but fight fight fight. From Insurance company to lawyers, planning to building control we have had to take them all on to get back on track. One thing is for sure, we are a more resilient team that has overcome the steepest of journeys, we could not be more confident now than ever for our journey ahead.


Time to bring this beauty back to life & we could not be more excited to get you onboard."

Chris, founder of Allkin Brewing Company

Onboarding our founding shareholders

The time has come to onboard our founding shareholders, we have now shot past 150k and on the home straight to our first target of 300k. EIS Investments have just opened and on a first come first served basis for the Founding Shareholders A Class Share spots.


We have incorporated Allkin Brewing Company officially at Companies House(Company Number 14289924) and we are live with Vestd (Financial Conduct Authority 685992), a share scheme and equity management platform.


Once Investment has been made shortly after you will receive an invite to join Vestd to claim your shares. You will also be able to check back in on these shares any time you wish. 

Share Value

We have only just incorporated and for good reason, this does mean though that our day 1 company valuation will start at zero & from here on we get to hopefully increase the value year on year. This helps us achieve SEIS investment and allows us to remain in complete control.


We are giving you an opportunity to purchase shares as part of a crowd-funder, each share will cost £4  but will not represent the day 1 company valuation. Given our background, access to routes to market and the substantial amount of investment going in to the company we are placing a nominal value on the shares of which we believe we will indeed reach and in turn grow. However please read the disclaimer in full below and seek your own financial advice as we are not financial advisers.  

The minimum amount of shares you can purchase as a founding investor will be 125 which will equate to £500 in total investment.


We are super excited to have you on this journey, if you have any questions please email Chris [email protected].


Once you claim your shares Chris will personally be in touch to talk you through the next steps and to allow you a further chance to talk through the investment and make sure this is the right journey for you.


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Investment at risk:

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The Company expressly recommends that you seek advice from a professional. Any investment in to Allkin Brewing Company Ltd is done so at your own risk.

Time to become a shareholder

of Allkin Brewing Company

So now you know how this all works please make yourself familiar with the Crowdfund Document below and again ask any questions you wish.


Then you are ready to come join us here at Allkin, where we will welcome you with open arms.


To Invest in Allkin Brewing Company Limited please hit the link below.